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  • Model:APT
  • Power Range:20-200kW
  • Engine powered by:TRAILOR GENERATOR SET
  • Alternator:ACEPOW

ACEPOW-MOBILE SERIES GENERATOR SETOUTPUT:20-200KWStandard Configuration:Engine:  NEW BRAND engineAlternator: Stamford,Leory somer,Marathon,Acepow alternator optional.Fuel Tank: 8hours running fue



Standard Configuration:

Engine:  NEW BRAND engine

Alternator: Stamford,Leory somer,Marathon,Acepow alternator optional.

Fuel Tank: 8hours running fuel tank

Cooling Fan with fan guard and front guard

Charger, Shock Absorber ,Dry Air Filter. Dual Fuel Filter. Engine Oil Filter. Coolant Filter. 

Standard control panel

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) MCCB Circuit Breaker

Start Battery with connecting cable, with battery charger

Storage Battery and battery line, Exhaust pipe,

Corrugated pipe for anti-vibration, Cone Tube,Flange, Muffler

Operation manual for Engine, Alternator, and Genset

Optional supply scope:

Engine spare parts, ABB breaker, Mobile Trailer,ATS(Automatic transfer system), DSE3110 Panel, AMF Panel  

Factory Inspection:

 Each genset shall be put into commission more than 4 hours totally. 

 The noise level is tested

All of the meters on the control panel shall be tested

 The appearance of the genset and all of the label and nameplate shall be checked

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